Saturday Brooklyn Walkabout

Prepared for Mike & Catherine by Brittany

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Mike and Catherine + two friends were visiting NYC for a long weekend. They requested Saturday and Sunday plans. For Saturday Mike said, "We've been told we need to hit up Smorgasburg and I know it's touristy but I wanna walk the Brooklyn Bridge." After a few pointers on food and drink, Brittany sent them on their way with the following...

"One big difference is that it's really personalized, as in it starts with where you're staying."

"We liked that Brittany built options in, like if Smorgasburg was crazy crowded (it was), or if we just wanted a different feel on the day."

"We never would have thought to take a water taxi. Seeing the city from that angle was amazing — a highlight of the day."

"There's something really relaxing about having a plan. We thought it might feel constraining, but it was actually freeing."

"Having someone thinking about the flow of our day was so nice. Like knowing you're gonna be starving after walking over a big bridge."

"This place was hidden inside Urban Outfitters of all places. We NEVER would have found it."

"I drank too many of these."

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